Many of those new to horse riding assume they can just wear any shoe or boot, but any dedicated rider knows the importance of proper equestrian equipment, with the riding boot being paramount. The first purpose of a specialist equestrian boot is function. A good boot is absolutely crucial when it comes to maintaining rider stability and control over the horse.

It should offer adequate ankle support and protection and be narrow enough to slip easily in and out of the stirrup. There should also be enough of a heel to prevent your foot from sliding through the stirrup. The sole should be smooth or lightly textured to avoid being caught on the tread of the stirrup, in the event of a fall. Consider also, reinforced toes for that extra protection on the ground, around your horse. Your next concern is fit. A properly tailored boot should fit securely on the rider’s foot, being neither too loose nor too tight. Get this right and it will mean the mean the difference between pleasurable, regular riding and repetitive aches and strains, not to mention injury.

The third thing to take into account is material. Most quality equestrian boots are made out of leather or a combination of leather and rubber. They need to be strong yet flexible and able to protect you from the elements. Additionally, if you are new to riding, try to learn as much as possible about the types of boots available for the sort of riding you intend to do. Ask advice of those already in your chosen discipline, do your research and find the perfect pair of equestrian boots for your needs. Riding boots are the most important investment that a rider will make, and if you get it right, your levels of enjoyment from your riding will reflect this.

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