Toggi is one of the most popular brands in the equestrian world, and their boots are among their bestselling items. Their footwear selection includes jodhpur boots, long riding boots, country boots and wellington boots, all of which are suitable for horse riding.

Toggi boots are available in many different designs, materials and colors, which means you can find footwear to suit any occasion and taste. Jodhpur boots, as the name suggests, are ideal to wear with jodhpurs. They are short leather ankle boots with an elasticated gusset, which makes them comfortable and easy to put on. They have a small heel, which sits perfectly in the stirrups and gives you a strong grip, so you can control the horse and feel safe when riding.

Long riding boots are suitable for winter, as they keep your legs warm and protected from the elements. Toggi boots are made of breathable leather, which means they are also comfortable to wear on hot days. They are waterproof and have special anatomic archmould foot beds, as well as a gel bag for comfort and shock absorbency.

Muck Boots Toggi

Country boots are fully waterproof leather boots, and Toggi are one of the most popular manufacturers. They are great for riding or for country walks and other similar activities. They have a varied waterproof membrane and are made of breathable leather, which means they can be worn all year round, rain or shine. They are lightweight yet durable, so they will last many years and will allow you to be agile and flexible while riding. Toga boots are popular because the brand is so well established, becoming one of the top country clothing brands since it was set up in 1990. Customers can buy their products with confidence that they will be comfortable and hard-wearing.

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