There is a lot of horse wear and other equipment that is associated with riding. This is not just for keeping up appearances, much of this equipment and clothing is essential for your comfort and safety. It is important to get kitted out in the right gear if you intend to go horse riding.


Jodhpurs are the name of the trousers that you don while going riding, and they are an essential piece of horse wear. They are designed especially to be hard wearing, but also so that they don’t rub the insides of your legs when you’re in the saddle. Jodhpurs come in all types of colors, and even sometimes in funky patterns. Darker colored jodhpurs are usually preferable for day to day wear around the stables, as they show up less dirt, but light cultured jodhpurs are best for horse shows or events.


Another necessary piece of equipment for riding is the right pair of boots. You need to wear either jodhpur boots or riding boots. They are made to be comfortable while you are riding, but they are also safer than other types of footwear as the heel will prevent your foot from slipping too far forward in the stirrup.


Another bit of horse wear that you will need is a good coat or jacket that will stand up to the elements. You will likely be riding in all weathers so you will want to have a waterproof coat. Some people prefer to have a lighter coat and wear additional layers underneath if it gets too cold, whereas others prefer to get a warm coat with lots of padding. All these items are essential bits of horse wear that you will need when you go riding. You may find that you require additional items, but these are the bare essentials.

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