Side reins have elastic inserts and trigger clips, they measure 2” wide, for use when lunging a horse and schooling, running from the bit of the bridle to the saddle or surcingle/ roller they encourage flexion and softness in the horse’s mouth and encourage him to work on the correct outline. These Elastic Side Reins are made from a quality leather with elastic sections which allow the horse more freedom of movement than normal leather or webbing side reins. These reins were ex demo.

  • Quality Leather Side Reins
  • With Elastic for Freedom of Movement
  • Buckle Adjustment
  • Trigger Clip Fastening


Length: 140cm (100cm elastic stripe)

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In horse riding it is important for you to know and be aware of the different kinds of reins available. The horse responds to these reins and if you know their purpose the ride becomes easy for both.

  • If you are a beginner and have just began to horse ride you must learn about horse reins in detail and how they function. In this regard a reputed trainer will teach you how to make use of them and ensure the best for both your and the horse. Regular practice will make you perfect in your endeavor and the horse too will learn to obey to your commands well.
  • When you are looking for hers reins you must know that they serve in conjunction with both leg and weight aids. The horse needs to understand and be submissive to the aids used for driver to give effective directions. The rein has to be held in the hand that needs to be placed in position properly with a supple wrist. This makes the horse sensitive and helps the ride to be a very smooth one.
  • There are specific functions reins perform. The asking and yielding function of the rein is one where the fingers have to be closed momentarily or by turning the hand inwards to determine how strong the effect can be. The hand of the rider should not be in a position that is fixed and the action should never be a pulling action. In case the horse is unresponsive the hand should yield in and repeat the aid again and the rider has to ensure that every asking aid should be followed by the yielding aid . The action should not be done by sawing both backwards and forwards on the mouth of the horse.
  • When you are yielding the rein you need to make the hand return to its original position. For this you need to open the fingers slightly or take the hand forward a bit. The yielding rein can be performed without using the asking rein. The contact must be elastic and yielded in a smooth manner without making the rein loose. It is seen there are times when the yielding from the rider’s wrist is not enough and it is needed to be yielded from the elbow or the shoulder.
  • When you are using horse reins it is important for you to ensure the position of your hand is correct. The thumbs must be on the top of the hand of the rider, this rein passes from the mouth of the horse between the third and the fourth finger, and it comes out again under the thumb and over the first finger. There are other functions of the reins and with the aid of a professional you are able to learn them effectively. Therefore from the above it is important and mandatory for you to master the art of horse reins when it comes to horse riding and becoming an experienced, skillful and perfect rider.

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