Equestrian Clearance is an online shop for equestrian products. We supply a range of the top brand products within the equestrian world, including Patrick Saddlery and Hervey Godwinson. We aim to supply a range of professional equestrian products designed to provide the best riding experience for the horse and the rider.

About Patrick Saddlery

Patrick Saddlery is a world renowned provider of fine English leather saddles. Our tradition of excellence begins with our founder and namesake Patrick Keane, who began his saddling career under the guidance of England’s most well-respected saddle crafting houses. There, he discovered a deep passion for saddle making, as well as remarkable aptitude for the craft. For years, he continued to hone his skills until he felt ready to share his passion with the world. In 1996, Keane opened up his very own saddling firm: Hunter Saddlery. Since its establishment, he has received significant industry accolades for his work, including official recognition as an elite Master Saddler through his multiple 1st place finishes in the Society of Master Saddlers competition, the most prestigious annual showcase of its kind.

This constant pursuit of perfection exemplified by our founder continues to drive our success today. Patrick Saddlery strives to represent the singular devotion of Patrick Keane for all of our clients. Each of our saddles is individually crafted for a specific activity and horse to maximiser comfort and utility for both animal and rider. We specialize in creating custom-tailored saddles for horses with unique anatomical concerns, such as a wide or drooping back, and work closely with our clients to deliver individualized solutions for the overall, perfect saddle. No amount of padding or other aftermarket modification makes an adequate substitute for a properly fitted saddle and Patrick Saddlery has built a long-standing reputation of getting it right the first time.

Patrick Saddlery products are second to none in quality. Our saddles represent an investment and are designed to provide you with years of use with minimal maintenance and breakdown, while also retaining value. We only use premium leather and quality fleece to build our saddles. They are constructed using durable stitching and never glued together like lower-quality saddles. Each of our saddles is crafted to our exacting standards. Common flaws, such as bumps and frayed or uneven stitching, are virtually nonexistent thanks to our stringent quality control guidelines. In short, we design each of our saddles to be perfect… Patrick would have it no other way.

Our founder sought to create beauty in his work, and his unrivalled attention to detail allowed him to craft some of the most handsome riding and jump saddles available. At Patrick Saddlery, we believe that form is equal to function, so we take pride in the aesthetics of our saddle designs. In fact, our Caliber Dressage saddle received a yearly award as the most attractive commercially viable handmade saddle in the industry. This attention to detail, separate our saddles from inferior products, and our lineage demands that the difference is clear in every piece that comes from our workshop.

Patrick Saddlery is one of the most trusted names in the equestrian industry. We are proud of our enduring legacy of outstanding workmanship and our thoroughly satisfied customers. We bring more than just innovation, skill and experience to our saddling projects, as it is our passion for the art of saddle making, which truly sets us apart from our competitors.

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